Dan Walters

Electric bassist, keyboardist, composer/arranger, singer/songwriter Dan Walters provides solid side-musician support to many excellent artists and makes skillfully crafted music of his own that ranges from rootsy singer/songwriter (Man in the Mountain, The Missing Piece) through theatrical/cinematic (Europe Approaching, Again) guitar rock (Call it an End, NPR) and into what is loosely called "new music". Dan dedicated his life to music at an early age and has been consistently and energetically involved in the music business throughout the United States and abroad for four decades. Included in his many recording credits are six solo albums, ETERNAL NERVE, FORTUNATA, GUESSWORK, INVISIBLE, SPEAK OF LOVE and THE ENHANCED LIFE. Dan also has two albums currently in the final stages of production, THE MAN FROM SUNRISE, and an as yet unnamed album of instrumental pieces.

Born in West Virginia, Dan's musical journey began as a child, improvising on the family's pump organ. At age 7, soon after his family moved to DeLand, Florida, he began formal lessons on piano. This provided the foundation for all that was to follow. After receiving a music scholarship to, and briefly attending Stetson University School of Music, Dan realized that his path was to take a more hands-on, personal approach to the technical aspects of playing and creating music. He moved to Miami, sat in on classes at University of Miami and supported himself as a freelance bass player, live and in the studio. His skills as a composer and as a side-musician/arranger for other artists are a result of life-long study and instinctual listening.

An all-around musical artist, Dan speaks through songs that honor the past, present, and aspirations of the future. His recording and production techniques draw out the unique elements of each song, shaping them into works that connect emotionally and viscerally with listeners. His personal yet universal material genuinely resonates with listeners all over the world. His international experience includes tours of Japan, Europe and Canada. Closer to home, when not on tour, Dan performs Friday and Saturday nights at The Garlic in New Smyrna Beach, FL with singer/guitarist/ harmonica legend/band leader Mark Hodgson. Mark and Dan have a musical partnership that has lasted 35 years, has included hundreds of shows, a half-dozen or so albums and a rotating cast of musicians including saxophone legend Noble "Thin Man" Watts.

Some of Dan's most rewarding experiences come when playing for public school students in a program called "Journey through Jazz". Rollins College funds this unique educational experience, led by saxophonist/flutist Dan Jordan, that exposes school-age youth to the sounds of jazz and its origins. Other educational activities include working in student recording labs at Full Sail University, private lessons and mentoring young bands